Technology & Innovation Scouting

Discover disruptive innovation

Every year, countless new technologies emerge from the world’s innovative ecosystems. Through targeted technology scouting, we help our members navigate the noise to identify the most promising and disruptive innovations within their industries. With our dedicated team located in Silicon Valley, we help our members discover and connect with key startups and partners in the Bay Area. 

Based on our members’ business models and strategic objectives, we scout for the most impactful companies specifically relevant to their strategy. We leverage our solid network within the ecosystem to provide access to partnership- and investment opportunities that are otherwise only accessible to key members of the inner circle.

Tailored trips to Silicon Valley

We frequently invite members to Silicon Valley for a curated trip tailored specifically for individual member companies. During these visits, members are introduced to relevant startups, investors, executives, and key ecosystem partners to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and explore opportunities together.

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