Torsten Sløk: The global economic consequences of COVID-19 (Exclusive webinar)

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised unprecedented uncertainty to the global economy. While we are still managing the health crisis, it is also essential to assess how recovery might look once the virus is contained. What are the implications of the pandemic for the global economy? What are the different scenarios for recovering the global economy? How has it affected global financial markets? How will it change the circumstances under which we will do business, and what more might we expect moving forward? The questions mentioned above were the topic of this webinar, but there was also time to ask Torsten Sløk questions during the session, which was moderated by the chairman of DenmarkBridge Christian Motzfeldt.
Torsten Sløk is one of the world’s leading economists. He works at Deutsche Bank Securities.


Apr 15 2020
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