Kongen fortsætter som protektor for DenmarkBridge / The King continues as Royal Patron for DenmarkBridge

Hofmarskallen har i dag meddelt, at Hans Majestæt Kong Frederik X fortsætter som protektor for DenmarkBridge. Som Kronprins var Kongen protektor for foreningen siden dens stiftelse. DenmarkBridge er taknemmelig for Kongens støtte til vores arbejde med at styrke grundlaget for innovativ erhvervsudvikling i Danmark.

The Lord Chamberlain has today conveyed to us that His Majesty King Frederik X has accepted to continue as Royal Patron for DenmarkBridge. As Crown Prince, the King was Royal Patron for the association since its establishment. DenmarkBridge highly appreciate the support of the King to our efforts to strengthen the foundation for innovative business development in Denmark.

Photo: Kongehuset 



May 30 2024
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